1st peek at River Song's season 7 return in new Doctor Who set pics

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Dec 17, 2012

New set pics from the fifth episode of season seven of Doctor Who have found their way online, and they feature the return of none other than Mrs. Robinson River Song (Alex Kingston) herself, back in all her glory and with a mystery to boot! "Shhhhh. Spoilers!"

Be aware that there are major spoilers ahead.

So Alex Kingston, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Matt Smith's double were part of the scenes that were filmed at night at the Glamorgan Building in Cardiff, Wales. This is the same episode (with the Weeping Angels) for which the cast and crew recently went to New York, and it's also the last episode featuring the Ponds, Amy (Gillan) and Rory (Darvill).

There are reports that a prop newspaper sets the scene around the year 1938, and that River Song will pose as a gangster named Melody Malone. It's apparently the name of a book that Amy and the Doctor have read in several scenes.

Here's the book in question (the pics were taken when the cast was filming in Central Park):

River meets her dad, Rory, in one scene, and he asks her, "How did I get here?"

Then there's the scene in which Amy seems to be reaching out to her daughter River, but this one seems distant, as if in a daze. There's also reports that in another scene the Doctor shouts, "Got it! It's in a place called Winter Quay! The car!"

Story is, Rory gets zapped back in time by the Weeping Angels (which we mentioned before here), but when the Doctor and Amy finally get to him, he's already an old man and dies. Which would explain the funeral scene and the presence of the TARDIS, the Doctor and River in a graveyard.

There are more spoilery stuff over at geekgasm if you guys want to know a bit more about what's going on.

So what do you think of all that?

(via Doctor Who TV and geekgasm)

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