See 1st set pics (and learn the name) of new Doctor Who companion

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Dec 17, 2012

After all the mystery surrounding the new Doctor Who companion played by Jenna-Louise Coleman, we now have our first look at the actress filming her first episode on location and (hooray!) we also finally learn the name of her character.

So shooting was taking place yesterday at the Margam Country Park in Wales, which seems to be the backdrop for a historical, Victorian era timey-wimey Doctor Who adventure (exhibit A being the last pic of the gallery).

The BIG news is that Jenna-Louise's Who character is called Clara, and it looks like she's another human companion. The much-sought-after info was relayed by a set reporter called Ryan, aka Timeboy.

The Doctor Who episode being filmed right now is NOT the Christmas special—which is the episode that'll introduce us to Clara as the brand-new Who companion—but it's believed to be episode 11 in the series.

Keen-eyed viewers will also notice that Matt Smith is sporting a brand-new jacket with a waistcoat in the pics. Is it a Victorian-ish disguise, or is this the Doctor's new costume? We think it looks rather dapper on him.

On the impact the arrival of the new Doctor Who companion will have on the beloved sci-fi show, Steven Moffat said:

"It's just very exciting. When a new companion comes in it sort of reboots the show a little bit, it makes you look at the Doctor differently, it makes the show feel different, that's already happening. It's literally a new beginning, you're back to chapter one, in a way it's always a story of someone getting to know the Doctor, and now it's Jenna's character. There's a lot of ways (her character) will be different, but I'm not telling you what they are! Jenna is just wonderful and spiky and salty and clever: again — just as Doctor Who always does — it becomes a different show, and I'm thrilled with her, everyone's going to be."

What do you guys think of the first set pics of Jenna-Louise Coleman as new Who companion Clara? Do you also like the Doctor's new outfit?

(via Doctor Who TV and SFX)