1st footage from Stephenie Meyer's alien invasion pic The Host

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:16 PM EST

The latest flick based on a Stephenie Meyer property, The Host, is still shooting and nearly a year away from actually hitting theaters—but we now have our first peek at some real footage.

Courtesy of a behind-the-scenes feature at MTV, the clip shows off some action shots (well, as action-packed as people running down some halls can be) and interviews some of the stars about how the film is coming together.

"I didn't expect it to be so physical. I've been in a harness quite a bit, I've done stunts, I jumped off a balcony. It was 30 feet in the air," star Saoirse Ronan says. "That was pretty cool."

For you Meyer loyalists out there, the author seems to be pretty pleased with how the film is coming together. So when the final Twilight film hits, don't worry—there'll be more Meyer on the way.

"It was so awesome. The cave set was enormous, it was vast, they're just so cool, so much fun to walk on," Meyer says of the film's scope. "It was kind of like someone built something out of your imagination just for you."

Check out the clip below:

(Via MTV)

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