1st Fringe season 4 trailer teases the future of Peter Bishop

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Patti Beninati
Dec 14, 2012

Did that Fringe season-three cliffhanger leave you wanting to know more right NOW—like, what the heck happened to Peter Bishop (played by Joshua Jackson)? We can't help you with that. But as the fourth season approaches, we CAN share the show's first tantalizing teaser (though we're afraid that might make the wait even more painful).

If Peter's baby and the possible merger of two different dimensions isn't enough drama ... then take a look at this new super-short, seconds-long Fringe trailer teaser. It features Peter telling Olivia Dunham (played by Anna Torv), "There are things happening here that I can't even begin to explain ... and I am not going anywhere until I can."

And at the end of the teaser you really need to pay attention, as it leaves us with a black Title Card upside down and backward that says, "Where is Peter Bishop?" (A real mind-freak moment.)

Check it out below.

You've gotta love the creators of Fringe—we know we do!

Fringe returns to Fox Friday with the first episode of season four Sept. 23 at 9/8C.

(via tvline)