1st trailer for Luc Besson's funny, violent space prison flick

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Dec 16, 2012

Do you like entertaining, action-packed sci-fi? Yeah, so do we. And if this trailer for the upcoming movie Lockout is anything to go by, we'll be the first in line to see the Luc Besson-produced movie when it comes out on April 13, 2012.

According to IndieWire:

[T]he script, penned by Besson and co-directors James Mather and Stephen St. Leger, finds Pearce starring as a wrongly-accused convict who must clear his name by undergoing a suicide mission to rescue the President's daughter (Maggie Grace). Oh, she just happens to be trapped in a futuristic space prison that is currently in the midst of a riot. Uh ...

If you think that it sounds like a cross between Escape From New York and Taken (a 2008 Besson film that also stars Maggie Grace), we're right there with you. But you'll recognize Snake PIissken's crazy cool dialogue and realize that Besson and his crew probably used the good bits from both movies.

Besson, who gave us The Fifth Element and the non-genre but still awesome The Professional, aka Leon (which cast Natalie Portman in her first film role), has co-written Lockout with his signature flair and cast Guy Pearce to deliver his dialogue with the aplomb of someone who is in control, even when he obviously isn't.

Check it out.

(via IndieWire)

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