1st set pics from Doctor Who's 7th season tease intriguing casting

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Dec 16, 2012

Filming for season seven of Doctor Who finally got underway yesterday (hooray!), and a few intriguing pics—taken the very first day of shooting on location in Cardiff—have already made their way online.

If you're afraid of being spoiled, don't worry: The pics you'll see below don't reveal too much of Who showrunner Steven Moffat's dastardly plans concerning the upcoming season-seven storylines—River Song (Alex Kingston, who will be coming back for season seven) would be proud.

The first pics show our beloved soon-to-be-departing-in-a-heartbreaking-way very first married couple in the TARDIS Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darville).

But the fourth pic reveals that actor Mark Williams (aka Arthur Weasley, for those of us Harry Potter fans) is also on as a guest star.

Now the rumor is that Williams—who's also currently guest-starring on the BBC Three's Being Human's fourth season as a vampire named Regus—will play Rory's dad ... which sounds highly plausible to us, since we can see the goofy, lovable resemblance between the two. Don't you guys agree?

However, please keep in mind that nothing's been confirmed as of yet, so remember! Grain. Of. Salt.

What do you guys think of the pics? Do you think Mark Williams is indeed playing Rory's never-seen-before dad?

(via Doctor Who TV and Den of Geek)