1st issue of Captain America #1 sells for record-breaking $343K

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Dec 15, 2012

If you've ever gone to or worked in a brick-and-mortar comic book shop, you've probably had that classic "Are my old comics worth anything?" conversation. The answer, almost without exception, is an emphatic "No." If you happen to have a copy of Captain America #1, however, well ... that's a little different.

As we've reported in the past, first appearances of heroes like Batman and Superman do sometimes turn up at auction, but, much like the comics themselves, these events are very rare. Timing is everything, though, and it's not surprising that a copy of Captain America #1 (which famously shows the good Cap punching Adolf Hitler in the face a year before the U.S. even entered World War II) would show up during the same summer of his latest and greatest theatrical feature.

The copy in question, which was graded at 9.2, may not be the highest-quality copy ever sold (the best physical copy was graded at 9.6 a decade ago), but it still broke the record books by selling at a whopping $343K.

Why the increased price tag? Is just a matter of inflation? Maybe. Our sentimental, nerdy hearts like to think that Captain America is a part of history and that, especially now, America would find even more value in a hero that feels distinctly theirs.

If you had a bottomless wallet, would you want a copy of Captain America #1 hanging on your wall? Or would that honor fall to another hero?

(via Bleeding Cool)

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