1st pics of Brent Spiner's role as (can you guess?) on The Simpsons

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Dec 17, 2012

Brent Spiner, who played one of Star Trek's most beloved characters ever—the android Lt. Cmdr. Data on The Next Generation—will soon guest-star (well, his voice, at least) on an episode of The Simpsons. And can you guess which kind of character he'll play?

Yep! You guessed it right.

Brent Spiner will play a robot—or, should we say, he'll play several robots—in the upcoming March 18 episode, aptly titled "Them, Robot" (a play on Isaac Asimov's book and Will Smith's 2004 film I, Robot, no doubt).

Here's the episode synopsis:

Mr. Burns replaces all of Springfield Power Plant's employees with robots but decides to keep Homer as the sole human worker. With unemployment at an all-time high and mechanical arms operating the workplace, Springfield becomes a dismal and humorless place. But when Homer's machine-programmed peers start to turn on the community and his former real-life employees come to the rescue, they all realize that robots can't replace human friends

And here's a look at Homer and Mr. Burns as they're being chased by Burns' famous hounds, apparently released by Brent Spiner's robots ... just priceless.

Last year, Spiner had tweeted that he was working on The Simpsons and said: "Did The Simpsons yesterday. Played a very unusual role ... a robot. Actually, several robots. Love that Homer." Awww ... we love that Homer too.

Do you think Brent Spiner is being typecast, or do you absolutely love the obvious, gigantic wink to Star Trek and all the robot-filled-sci-fi-dom? Are you excited about him doing some voice work on the beloved cartoon series?

The Simpsons episode "Them, Robot" will air March 18 at 8 p.m. on FOX. Will you be watching?

(via Trek Movie)