1st look at the filming of Doctor Who's U.S. episode

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

It sucks that we can't see that pivotal Sarah Jane Adventures story "Death of the Doctor" in North America next week, but while we wait for the Christmas special to give us our much-needed Doctor Who fix until the series returns in 2011, how about having a look at the filming of the opening two-parter?

Doctor Who TV has gotten its hands on some awesome pics and footage from a scene that was filmed this past Monday featuring Alex Kingston's returning character of River Song and Supernatural's Mark Sheppard's character, called Canton Everett Delaware III. (Is it us, or is Sheppard in almost every sci-fi series on TV?)

In this scene, a gang of suited men, led by Canton (Mark Sheppard), corners River. She's dressed to the nines again and sports some sort of interesting tally marks on her arm.

This is the dialogue that's apparently being said in the scene before River jumps:

Canton: "Stop! Don't move!" River: "There are loads of them. They're everywhere." Canton: "America is being invaded!" River: "America was invaded a long time ago. America is occupied." [River moves back a little more.] Canton: "Don't move! There's no way out!" River: [something that sounded like] "Oh really?"

Looking at the footage, we're eerily reminded of River's re-introduction last season in "The Time of Angels," in which she gets sucked out of the airlock of the Byzantium into the vacuum of space, only to be picked up by Matt Smith's Doctor in a waiting TARDIS.

Steven Moffat has claimed that season six would be the year of River Song, and that the mystery of who she is will finally be revealed. All we can add is: Looking. Forward. To. That.

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