1st official look at James Franco in Rise of the Apes

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Dec 14, 2012

James Franco will be hosting the Oscars Sunday, but we're more interested in where we'll be seeing him come November—on the big screen as the scientist who sets things in motion in the long-awaited Rise of the Apes.

JoBlo debuted the first pic of Franco as scientist Will Rodman, whose experiments on Caesar (Andy Serkis) bring intelligence to the apes, resulting in a war over which species will rule the planet.

Unfortunately, there are no apes visible in the image, but considering all we've seen up until now have been unofficial set pics, we thrilled to finally be getting a glimpse of the real thing from this reboot, prequel, sequel or whatever it is we should be calling it.

What do you think of the pic? Does Franco look like the kind of guy who could set off an ape apocalypse?

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