The new Godzilla's a guy in a rubber suit and he'll look like this

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Dec 15, 2012

Remember the killer Godzilla artwork from 2010's Comic Con? Recall that jolt of relief that Legendary Pictures' reboot might erase those foul memories of Matthew Broderick and baby iguanodons slipping on gumballs? Well, the thrill is back.

Images of an impressive Godzilla sculpture created by Hector A. Arce are swirling around the monster-verse and if this is what they're eventually going with, this remake project is going to crush all pretenders.

Arce made the artwork several years ago and its retro coolness led to his joining Legendary's design team. According to website Infamous Kidd, aside from a few minor tweaks, this will be the final version used in the movie. Last year, we were given a sneak peek at an anime-style Godzilla poster and a menacing dino-head mock-up based on Arce's rendering that energized Tokyo-trouncing fanatics and gave an idea where the design team was leaning—mean, macho and more scaly spikes. And apparently the use of CGI will be limited, instead relying on the more old-school rubber-suited rendition.


Dudes in rubbery costumes seems kinda corny in this era of motion-capture magic, and director Gareth Edwards did some amazing things on his laptop with the micro-budgeted indie horror flick, Monsters. Wonder what he'll concoct with a much bigger wallet? Godzilla's 2012 return to respectable, King of the Monsters glory hinges on him alone.

We'll have to wait and see if rumors ring true but it's definitely a thudding step in the right direction.

(via Geek Tyrant)

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