We saw the 1st awesome (and very Alien-like) Prometheus footage

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Dec 14, 2012

Today at Comic-Con, a packed Hall H saw the first footage ever shown anywhere from Prometheus. In a word: AWESOME.

The film's writer, Lost creator Damon Lindelof, came out to host the 20th Century Fox presentation, which kicked off with a look at the Ridley Scott-directed movie. Billed in the opening moments as an "original science fiction epic," the movie looks massive, foreboding and definitely connected in numerous ways to the Alien universe.

The quick assemblage of shots showed us huge, deep chambers with cylindrical objects lined up along the ground (sound familiar?), as well as a gigantic edifice with some kind of face carved onto it and tunnels that more than vaguely look like the corridors of the derelict ship from Alien. And if that didn't drive the point home, there's also a quick glimpse of the platform where the space jockey's corpse is found in Alien—except here it's empty.

We were also shown a lot of human ship interiors, some of them explicitly looking like something out of the Nostromo, cast members in very cool, sterile spacesuits blasting away at things just out of sight, other cast members firing flamethrowers and what looks like bizarre forms of life encased in strange alien artifacts. Taken together in one gulp, the footage absolutely looks like the kind of mindblowing sci-fi spectacle that we have not seen much of lately.

After the lights came up, Lindelof brought out Charlize Theron to talk about the film and her role, which she describes as more or less a corporate suit who goes through some nasty jolts in the film's third act. As if having the gorgeous Theron (who jokes that she took the part because "they paid me a huge amount of money") in person isn't enough, the actress begins to tease about the fact that Scott himself isn't there ("It's only a helicopter ride and seven flights" from where he's shooting in Iceland) before Scott and actress Noomi Rapace (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) appear on the screen above the stage via satellite!

Scott discussed returning to the sci-fi genre after a quarter century, said that there "may be two" robots in the movie (Michael Fassbender of X-Men: First Class is rumored to play one of them) and confirmed that there is a strand of Alien DNA in Prometheus that he thinks fans will understand by the end of the movie. He also said he loves shooting in 3-D and will never go back, while at the same time adhering to something that special-effects legend Douglas Trumbull told him years ago and keeping the sets and effects as "real" as possible and not CG.

The audience was thrilled to see Scott (even by satellite), and everyone seemed psyched to see the footage—and we can't say we disagree. Not much has been known about Prometheus until now, but what was revealed today only left everyone at Comic-Con hungry for more!

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