1st Sinbad pilot sneak peek: Sea monsters, shipwrecks and more

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Dec 17, 2012, 3:27 PM EST

The Great Escape meets Titanic? Or perhaps it's The Perfect Storm! That's what the guys of Sinbad seem to be going for in this first, tense clip from the first episode of Sky 1's lavish fantasy series.

This new 12-part drama series starring Elliot Knight in the role of the legendary sailor Sinbad also stars Lost's Naveen Andrews as Sinbad's archnemesis, Lord Akbari.

In this thrilling clip from the first episode (airing in the U.K. Saturday at 7 p.m. on Sky), we find Sinbad in a bit of a watery jam—make that locked away in a cage—when the ship our hero is on dangerously starts treading water: Our legendary sailor has to escape, and then face off against a cool watery monster in order to find his freedom.

Will he make it in time? (Cue doom music.)

Have a look:

Here's is the series' short blurb:

Produced by Impossible Pictures, the 12 episode series follows the adventures of Sinbad, who is on the run from his home town of Basra and under a curse for a killing that led to the death of his much-loved brother. Sinbad finds himself cast out to sea on The Providence, a ship filled with a range of intriguing characters. After surviving a violent and magical storm, both Sinbad and his fellow shipmates are forced to band together to face their inner demons, hopes, loves and fears. Sinbad must embark on an epic and emotional quest to rid himself of the curse and embrace his destiny.

Sinbad sets sail in the U.K. on Sky 1 this Saturday and will also air in Canada on Space this upcoming Sunday, July 8, at 7E/9P.

Sadly, still no news on when we'll see this one in the U.S. yet. But if we all cross our fingers and toes really really hard (or get our hands on Aladdin's magical lamp), maybe it'll get here soon.

What do you think of this new clip? Are you guys excited for some Sinbad?

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