1st Star Trek Into Darkness teaser debuts (with TWO versions!)

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

You know who waits for The Hobbit to come out to get your Star Trek Into Darkness fix? NOT YOU! We've got the first teaser right here and, as a bonus, the Japanese version with a little extra at the end which you NEED to see. Promise.

Star Trek Into Darkness has been hidden in, well, darkness for a while now. We knew who was in it, we knew it had been filmed, but what was it about? This remained a well-kept secret. And while this won't answer all your questions (and no teaser trailer should), it will certainly give us something to talk about.

And here we go ...

All right, before we get to the slightly extended version, let's talk turkey. First of all, great voiceover from Benedict Cumberbatch, who is playing ... ? Yeah, we still don't know. But we've got some possibilities.

"I have returned to have my vengeance." That's what Cumberbatch says in the trailer. So, yes, it could be Khan. Or, it could be the man-turned-god Gary Mitchell from the classic series' second pilot, Where No Man Has Gone Before. After all, the blond woman in the trailer looks suspiciously like the psychiatrist from that episode, Elizabeth Dehner.

Then there's the fact that the words "Into Darkness" are the focal point of the title card. They appear before he words "Star Trek" do. As in, "In a Mirror, Darkly," perhaps? The world of this trailer doesn't seem at all like the one we saw in the last film. Could there be some Mirror, Mirror stuff going on?

"There are always ... possibilities," Spock said. And speaking of that quote, let's see that extended trailer, shall we?

"Is there anything you would not do to protect your family?" That's your added line. And, oh yeah, the iconic image of Spock giving Kirk the ol' "live long and prosper" right before he dies in Wrath of Khan.

What we're saying is, this trailer tells you tons without saying anything.