1st tense True Blood teaser hints at a vamp's deadly return

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Dec 16, 2012

True Blood is coming! True Blood is coming! HBO has released the first teaser trailer for the vampire series' fifth season, which promises a deadly return. Who's ready to rise from the grave ... again?

The first trailer for True Blood hints at a second coming. There's no new footage, but we're haunted by the words "In Bon Temps, nothing stays buried forever." What or who could that refer to? We think it might have something to do with the return of the insane but hilarious Russell Edgington.

After Edgington's shocking burial, there were rumors that he'd be back. Yes, he was crazy, but entertaining crazy. Now that Denis O'Hare is finished with American Horror Story, this would be the perfect time for a return. Could you imagine O'Hare and Chris Meloni's characters sharing a scene? Make it so, Alan Ball!

Who do you think will rise from the grave next season?

True Blood returns to HBO this summer.

(via EW)