1st Thundercats test footage will make you feel like a kid again

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Dec 14, 2012

Lion-o is back, and so is the slimy (really, really slimy) Slithe, in this test footage for the CGI movie version of Thundercats. Although the words "Thundercats reboot" is enough to send shivers down most spines, this clip will actually make you smile.

Unless you're a bladesmith. Check out the way Lion-o treats his sword. It's enough to make a grown metalworker cry.

According to Flixist, the movie has actually been put on hold in favor of a traditionally animated television series. But this is the way we want to see Thundercats: action, humor and CGI. Let's get enough positive fan response to make it happen!

See for yourselves:

(via BleedingCool.)

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