1st trailer for cheesy so bad it's (maybe) good Snow White film

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Dec 16, 2012

Once ... twice ... third time's the charm? Maybe not in this case. The first trailer for Snow White: A Deadly Summer finds our fair maiden trapped inside a mundane world haunted by Velveeta-like acting and stale-breadcrumb storytelling. But just try and resist. It's more tempting than a ripe red apple.

With next year's showdown between competing big-buck fairy tale flicks Snow White and the Huntsman and Mirror, Mirror, it seems everyone is crowding on the enchanted bandwagon. When will the madness stop?

Not to be ignored, this micro-budget outing by Vision Films answers the question of what you get when you add a hammy Eric Roberts and Marcia from the Brady Bunch to an overhyped formula devoid of any magic ... a charmless, train-wreck suitable for instant banishment to the bargain DVD bin at Best Buy.

The wafer-thin plot chronicles the bland adventures of a suburban teen named Snow (Shanley Caswell) and her wicked stepmother, played with drama-club gusto by Maureen McCormick. Snow is sent away to a badgirl bootcamp where some supernatural shenanigans occur with seven doomed campers. No dwarves apparently allowed.

History is rife with cheap knock-offs and this entry is a sly salute to the celebration of schlock. Take a look ... if you dare ...

Well, has Snow White worn out her welcome or have we not exhausted the poor peasant girl quite yet?

The direct-to-dvd gem Snow White: A Deadly Summer slinks into stores next year.

(via Shock Till You Drop)

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