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1up! Super Mario Bros. gets its own encyclopedia

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May 13, 2020, 12:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Super Mario is as iconic video game franchise as there is. For many casual gamers, this was the first video game they played as a kid. So it seems strange that there hasn't been a complete encyclopedia on the franchise. Luckily, Dark Horse Publishing intends to change that.

After the success of their Zelda reference books (not one, but three), Dark Horse is putting out Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia. The 256 page tome will cover everything from 1985's original Super Mario Bros. to 2015's Super Mario 3D World. This definitive volume promises to not just be a history of the franchise, but also something of a game guide, with tips to help you find every coin, star, sun, and mushroom.

The book will track the evolution of the Goomba; explain when Yoshi was first introduced; and offer info on every enemy, world, obstacle, even glitches. There is also an interview with game producer Takashi Tezuka. Tezuka joined Nintendo in 1984 and Super Mario Bros. was his second video game for the company. He has worked on virtually every Super Mario project since then.

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia is set to release on October 23rd for $39.99. Undoubtedly, the hope is for Dark Horse to release a snazzy special edition of the book, similar to the gold cartridge version of the Legend of Zelda Encyclopedia. Maybe the Super Mario book could come in a question-mark box.

Super Mario Bros. Encyclopedia

Source: Kotaku

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