2 burning Under the Dome questions that will be answered soon

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Jun 26, 2015, 12:05 PM EDT (Updated)

The hit summer series Under the Dome has been asking a lot of questions in recent weeks, but it sounds like we’ll have at least a few big answers coming soon. So, what’s next for Chester’s Mill?

Spoilers ahead for episodes that have already aired!

Executive producer Brian K. Vaughan opened up with The Hollywood Reporter about what’s coming up later in the 13-episode debut season of the Stephen King adaptation, and it sounds like they’ll start parsing out some details now that all hell is breaking loose. Well, at least when it comes to two lingering questions.

First up: Barbie’s (Mike Vogel) mysterious reason for being in town, which has a lot to do with Julia’s (Rachelle Lefevre) missing husband, who was shot and buried by his own hand. Turns out Julia will employ her reporter skills within the next week or so to start connecting some of the dots. Here’s how Vaughan explained it:

“You don't find a map with an "X" on it and be an intrepid reporter and not immediately go to find out what X marks the spot is all about. We'll see in the very beginning of the next episode that Julia will track that map and find out why Barbie came to Chester's Mill in the first place. She's going to find out some answers next week, so this won't be a wild goose chase; her hunt will pay off and she'll get some answers but not all of them just yet.”

Aside from that, the latest episode introduced a major twist with that freaky seizure/chanting storyline. Vaughan says it’s not just a red herring, and that weird little bit is definitely leading to something. We’ll get at least some answers next week, when the kiddos are taken to the hospital for a checkup:

“It seems that Joe and Norrie are special. We've seen others like Barbie touch the dome directly and nothing happened to him. Norrie's first seizure happened when she was close to the dome but she never touched it. So why are Joe and Norrie having these seizures and no one else is? What does "pink stars are falling, pink stars are falling in lines" mean? Next week we send the kids to the hospital to get their first medical checkup and our first hints of what could be going on with these two.

There's definitely an answer to why they're having these seizures. This is not a joint hallucination between the two; it's not some easily explained medical reason for this but there definitely is a connection to the dome. What that means and what the dome is trying to say in all of this, you'll have to wait and see.”

Under the Dome airs Monday nights on CBS. What do you think of the series?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)