2 mysterious new characters join Orphan Black season 2

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Aug 14, 2013

The first season of BBC America’s sci-fi masterpiece Orphan Black shined by keeping the cast tightly focused (even more so when you consider that half the main characters are played by Tatiana Maslany), but it looks like we’ll actually meet a few new faces next year.

The surprise hit is looking to add two new recurring characters, both of which sound like they’ll be shaking things up even more than all the insanity we saw in year one. For one thing, it definitely looks like those religious fanatics will be hanging around.

Here’s the excerpt, via TV Line, breaking down the two new characters:

Two new recurring characters, for starters. The first one, Cal, will be introduced in Episode 3 and is described as a ruggedly handsome, adaptive and extremely well connected woodsman who possesses the heart of a lover. (Boyfriend for Felix, perhaps?) The other, more sinister-sounding newbie, Pastor Johanssen, debuts in Episode 2 and is the mercurial leader of a radical faith based “Prolethean” sect “who is fervently anti-science and views GMO’s and synthetic biology as a modern affront to God’s work.” (Um, Big Bad, much?)

That last one definitely sounds like it could be a major antagonist to the clone gang, and we’re definitely curious to see how the first one fits into the mix.

What did you think of the first season, and where do you think things are headed next year?

(Via TV Line)

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