2 new gut-wrenching promos for Walking Dead S3

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Dec 17, 2012

AMC's The Walking Dead is creeping its way back to TV. The network has released two new teasers, one of which highlights a shocking moment from last season. We're only a month away from the return of zombie pandemonium.

In the first promo, the material may be NSFW or too gross for sensitive eyes. It features a gut-wrenching death (literally) from season two. So if you're not caught up, this video contains a HUGE SPOILER. Beware!

Here's some new, ALSO SPOILER-ISH, footage from season three, which takes us inside the prison. Our survivors think they've found a safe haven, but they're wrong. They quickly realize there's still terror at every turn. Like Hershel's farmhouse, it will serve as the show's new setting. It's huge, secure and all theirs —or is it? You can't have a property that big without a few occupants. Rick and company will have their hands full fighting for their new home.

The Walking Dead returns Oct. 14 on AMC.

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