2 TV shows aren't enough: Here comes a Beauty and the Beast movie

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May 21, 2015

If you're a really, really, really big fan of Beauty and the Beast, this seems to be your lucky year. Disney re-released its animated classic in 3D a few weeks ago, ABC and The CW are each working on their own Beauty TV series, and now Silent Hill director Christophe Gans is launching a new big-screen version.

The project is perhaps the biggest genre announcement to come out of this year's Berlin Film Festival so far (though the event has more than a week to go), and it's also noteworthy because it marks the first time since Jean Cocteau's classic 1946 film that a French creative team is taking on the traditionally French fairy tale.

Gans—who you also might remember for his acclaimed Brotherhood of the Wolf—is teaming with production companies Eskwad and Pathe for the project. To star he's tapped Vincent Cassel (who you might best remember as Black Swan's ballet director and Ocean's Twelve's Night Fox) and Lea Seydoux (a promising young French actress whose American credits include roles in Midnight in Paris and Robin Hood).

The film could shoot as early as October, which means a likely 2013 release that will include international distribution. As for exactly what tone the film will take, Gans isn't spilling the beans on plot or themes just yet, but he has said he wants to "surprise the audience by creating a completely new visual universe never experienced before."

So that makes three Beauty and the Beast projects in the works this year so far. Which one is the most promising?

(via Deadline)

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