20 grand and geeky costume ideas for Halloween 2016

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:18 AM EDT (Updated)

The new moon is in its waxing crescent phase, and Halloween is right around the corner. You'll probably want to start planning your costume now, so you don't have to yet again go as a really bad dad joke ("I'm a cyborg with extremely realistic appendages," "I'm a time traveler from the future who is trying to blend in by dressing totally normally," or "I'm a clone of myself").   There are plenty of creative costume ideas orbiting in the nerdier realms of pop culture to whip up something special for 2016.  

To that end, as part of Blastr's 31 Days of Halloween, here are a hoard of modern costume ideas to get you inspired.  Take a look at some of our suggestions below and tell us what you'll be dressed up as this year when the mini candy bars are being collected.