20 minutes of Mad Max game footage take to the skies above the post-apocalypse

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Aug 10, 2015, 8:17 PM EDT (Updated)

If you like Mad Max, cars, brawling, shooting and open-world videogames, look no further than the wasteland of Mad Max, the upcoming videogame to be released on Sept. 1. When you see the most recent 20 minutes of gameplay footage, below, you’ll agree that you’ve come to the right post-apocalyptic place. 

The Mad Max series of movies, with large expanses of desert and a violent car culture, was unwittingly designed to be an open-world videogame. If the game is as good as the footage, Avalanche Studios wants you to fight, explore and drive as well as Max Rockatansky (eventually—he loses his prized Interceptor early on in the game).

At one point in the video, Max takes control of a hot air balloon. I was hoping to see the Road Warrior power his way through the wasteland above ground, but it’s not meant to be: This is a car-based game, after all. But this mini-flight is important in that it reveals not only a panoramic view but also critical locations on your map. 

Besides, you don’t want to leave your hunchbacked mechanic, Chumbucket, behind. He stays with the car and even repairs it while you’re out punching wastelanders. And if you time your punches well enough, you get "fury mode," which gives you buffs and some sweetly painful finishers.

I played a bit of Mad Max at E3 a few months ago, and I found it delightful. These extra 20 minutes are confirming my original assessment. Check it out. 

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