20 sci-fi LOLCats that may actually make you LOL

Contributed by
Dec 14, 2012

LOLCats are stupid. They really are. Being stupid is pretty much the point of a LOLCat, but still—most of them are just dumb. So we surfed and suffered through hundreds of examples of this meme-omenon to dig up those rare sci-fi-themed LOLCats that are actually FUNNY.

The origins of these are often hard to track, but major credit must go to Craig from Puntabulous, a blogger whose Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Torchwood collections earn him, at least in our esteem, the unofficial title of LOLaureate of sci-fi geekdom. Also, major condolences go out to, which lost its entire database of Star Wars-themed LOLs.

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