20 superheroes and the Winter Olympics sports they've got to try

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:26 AM EDT (Updated)

Sometimes, when you look at superheroes and Olympians, it's a bit hard to tell the two apart.

Like superheroes, Olympians sacrifice much of their personal life to push their bodies to peak condition. Like superheroes, Olympians represent something hopeful to aspire to. Like superheroes (for the most part), Olympians are adored in their homelands. And like superheroes, Olympians are people we really enjoy watching.

So, as another Winter Olympics begins to wind down, we couldn't help but think about crossing the two over. What if superheroes were Olympians? We're not the only ones to think of this, of course. Artist Francesco Francavilla just completed an amazing series of portraits of superheroes competing in the Winter Games, and at least a couple of his ideas for which sports heroes would choose crossed over with ours rather neatly. Great minds think alike, I guess, so before we go any further, we wanted to make sure to give him a hat tip. If you want even more awesome superhero Olympic shenanigans, head over to his Tumblr to see his full series. 

For now, though, check out the gallery below to see the sports we picked for 20 different superheroes to try, from Batman to Hawkeye to Booster Gold. And enjoy the last few days of Winter Olympic competition while you can. 

(Fantastic Four bobsled art by Francesco Francavilla)