20 things baby porgs look like

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Sep 3, 2019, 8:21 AM EDT (Updated)

When we first heard about baby porgs, canonically called porglets, we were so excited. How could we not be? PORGLETS. I mean, look at them full-grown.


How could the baby version be anything but precious and adorable?

Welp. We have our answer.



That's ... that's not what we had in mind. And now all we can think about is just what these things look like. And so ...

Baby porgs look like:

1. Brenda from Slither.


2. The boobs you'd see if the Mos Eisley Cantina was a strip club.

3. Everyone's testicles in that one South Park episode.

4. An ultrasound of the Toxic Avenger as a fetus.

5. The Doctor in "The Last of the Time Lords" after the Master aged him 1,000 years.


6. Kuato from Total Recall.

7. Michael Palin in the movie Brazil.


8. Balut (a hard-boiled egg with a duck fetus inside).


9. A Patricia Paccinni sculpture.


10. Boob cakes.

11. Wookiee balls.

12. Greedo's balls.

13. Jabba's balls.

14. Yoda's balls.

15. Admiral Ackbar's balls.

16. Kylo Ren's balls, probably.

17. Ponda Baba's chin, which looks like balls.


18. Dobby's balls.

19. Gollum's balls.

20. Basically they look like balls.

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