20 Trek facts we learned from the new Next Generation S3 Blu-ray

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May 7, 2013

The season that took Star Trek: The Next Generation from on-the-bubble failure to bona-fide success finally has come out on Blu-ray. And new Blu-ray means new factoids!

The best thing about long-running TV series is that there's a near-bottomless well of things to learn. With the season-three Blu-ray for Next Gen, we found ourselves mouths agape at all the things we didn't know. Now some of these 20 facts have been floating around in the ether a bit, but many were things fans get to find out for the first time. So if you're feeling too lazy to sift through all the extra features or just don't have the scratch to plunk down for a Blu-ray right now, we've taken the time to do the hard work for you.

Here, in no particular order, are 20 facts we found out about TNG from the season-three Blu-ray!

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