Logan breaks into song in spirited new How it Should Have Ended video

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Apr 13, 2017, 2:43 PM EDT

Hugh Jackman didn't get to display his impressive singing prowess in James Mangold's Logan, as he did so capably in 2012's Les Miserables or at New York City's Carnegie Hall in Carousel, but that doesn't mean we weren't slightly hoping. The dashing Aussie actor played the famous clawed mutant in the X-Men movies and solo Wolverine films, but not once did he belt out a show tune, sea shanty or even hum a dirty limerick.

The funny folks at How It Should Have Ended have remedied this obvious omission and, in their estimation, offered a much more poignant goodbye for Logan than was afforded him in the recent X-verse feature, with an all-star cast of X-Men joining the dying berserker in the forest.

Here's their description of the process for this showstopping Logan finale:

“If you are curious as to why we made this, well the answer was Logan already ends pretty beautifully. When talking about flaws our biggest hang up in the film was stopping to have dinner with the family. That’s the point where everything goes bad, so really that’s where Logan should’ve put his foot down. Then Chris’ cousins called him up one day saying “We just heard the Les Misérables finale in the car and were laughing about how similar it is to the end of Logan.” So we watched the scene and started giggling at the possibilities. A few weeks later there where lyrics, drawings, and an actual choir from New Zealand singing our goofy track. It has been a bizarre month. We hope you enjoy this silly mashup.”

Check out this wickedly funny Broadway-style alternate ending for Logan and tell us if it's a more appropriate (and prolonged) sendoff, with or without the last-second Deadpool rescue.

(Via Nerd Bastards)