MST3K riffs on Stranger Things in hilarious new video promo

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Apr 17, 2017, 12:48 PM EDT

Mystery Science Theater 3000 has returned to our geek universe after a long absence and an incredibly successful Kickstarter campaign by creator Joel Hodgson that netted the project $5.7 million.

All 14 episodes of the revival are now available on Netflix starting last Friday, and the laughs and lampooning are as hilarious as ever. Hodgson is joined by comedian Jonah Ray (Jonah Heston) as the series' new movie-bashing host and nemesis Felicia Day as (Kinga Forrester) and Patton Oswalt (Max) as her villainous sidekick.


To celebrate the triumphant kickoff, MST3K aimed their amusing barbs at another Netflix show, Stranger Things, creating a short promo that delves into "the greyish, brownish world of the early  '80s." Grab a seat behind Jonah, Crow and Tom Servo as they shred Stranger Things aboard their bone-shaped Satellite of Love and tell us if you're giddy about MST3K being back on the air.


(Via Dread Central)