Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant gets a pair of eerie found-footage promos

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Apr 17, 2017, 2:13 PM EDT

Alien: Covenant is poised to strike theaters next month, and 20th Century Fox is getting creative with their marketing campaign as we enter the home stretch before the film's official launch on May 19.

While the found-footage trend has gratefully died out in features for the most part, that doesn't mean the technique can't be exploited and explored for certain effective trailers or teasers.

Check out this pair of new promos that utilize the intimate images of a GoPro camera to participate in the daily happenings of the Covenant, with Daniels (Katherine Waterston) recording a final video message to her dad on Earth, and Oram’s (Billy Crudup) formal crew transmission from Weyland-Yutani Corp’s Covenant mission, both injected with snippets of the team's increasingly violent discoveries on the hostile Engineer's planet.

Have a peek and tell us if you'd rather just stay on the nice warm spaceship.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)