David releases a deadly payload in spoilery new Alien: Covenant TV spot

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Apr 26, 2017, 1:17 PM EDT (Updated)

Is nothing sacred in Fox's revealing ad campaign for Alien: Covenant? The spoilers are quickly stacking up as the premiere date of May 19 approaches, and those who wish to remain pure better keep their distance and find an abandoned nuclear bunker somewhere in the Midwest until next month.

For everyone else ... let's indulge ourselves with more voyeuristic shots from the new Vietnamese TV spot titled, "Greatest Step," shown over the weekend on the studio's international Twitter account.

We've already told you about the SXSW footage that unveiled the notion that it was David who bio-engineered the xenomorphs in his little shop of horrors, and the CinemaCon clip that showed how he slaughters the assembled welcoming committee with a bazillion black goo pods, causing a charred petrification likened to the instant doomed citizens of Pompeii. Here we're treated to the actual scene unfolding.

Also included in this new teaser are fresh shots of the Covenant dropship landing near a lake, Daniels and her colleague emerging from the jungle and coming upon the derelict Juggernaut, more of the afflicted team member after the Neomorph spores invades his ear canal, the Protomorph engaging its wicked jaw in the steamy shower scene, and those two money shots of a lethal swarm of black ampules raining down on the Paradise parade inside the massive Colosseum.

The lander piloted by Danny McBride's Tennessee is the same craft seen in recent trailers, with a joyriding xenomorph smashing his ample, eyeless cranium against the windshield. But it's the brief flash of the air flooded with poisonous particles and the dying Humanoid/Engineers exiting the arena kill zone that makes my heart skip a beat. These beings are similar is appearance to the alabaster-skinned Engineers but appear to be more human-like and wear the same ceremonial garb as witnessed in the opening seeding scenes in 2012's Prometheus.

One minor annoyance is the fact that Vietnam will be paralyzed by fear a whole week before America, with the foreign release date set at May 12. Have a peek and tell us if you think there are many more surprises to come for Alien: Covenant or if you've already pieced together most of the plot.

(Via Bloody Disgusting)

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