Image of the Day: Henry Cavill auditions in Christopher Reeve's Superman suit

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Apr 7, 2017, 6:32 PM EDT

Here's a priceless shot just shared by Justice League's director Zack Snyder, showing an early test shot for his Man of Steel with Henry Cavill wearing Christopher Reeve's costume from Richard Donner's Superman.

Taken back in pre-production circa 2011, this first audition photo of Cavill trying out for the lead role was posted on Snyder's personal Vero account and is the original, hi-res snapshot seen in smaller, poorer-quality versions in the past. This classic Reeve Supersuit shot was accompanied by this Snyder caption: "I knew when I saw him he was my Superman."

The director previously commented on this particular shot and recalls the instant it was captured:

"We didn’t have the suit made when Henry was auditioning, so he wore the original Christopher Reeve suit. He put it on and when he came out of the trailer, everyone was like, ‘Dang, you’re Superman!"

Check out Cavill proudly sporting the 30-year-old Superman outfit and tell us if you're psyched to see the Man of Steel's resurrection in Justice League this November.

(Via Geek Tyrant)