New international trailer for The Mummy unwraps more new footage

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Apr 7, 2017, 6:02 PM EDT

Ramping up its international marketing storm, Universal Pictures China has just delivered a fresh trailer for The Mummy, with a flood of new footage.

The last trailer we shared with you focused on Russell Crowe's Dr. Henry Jekyll's Prodigium, a clandestine research organization that seeks out, contains (tortures) and banishes monsters from the planet. It also hinted at the shared universe aspects of director Alex Kurtzman's The Mummy by revealing a peek at what appears to be Dracula's fanged skull bathing in a giant jar of fluid.

This new Chinese trailer busts out more footage of Cruise's Nick Morton and his sidekick partner, played by Jake Johnson, as they embark on an exotic Egyptian adventure and accidentally discover hidden ruins, punching up the humor and thankfully keeping The Rolling Stones' extremely overused "Paint It Black" to a bare minimum, replacing it for a more serene piano piece instead. We also get a few more glimpses of Sofia Boutella's parched Princess Ahmanet's prison and a funny line by Cruise about a second parachute.

The more I see of this careful horror reboot, the more I can see it having a wide box-office appeal, not just amid varying age demographics, but different cultures around the world as well.  I'm sure the studio and the filmmakers all share my hopeful thoughts.

Escape into this new international trailer and indulge us on your opinions of Universal's planned monster mash.

Universal's The Mummy appears in theaters on June 9.

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