2017 Gift Guide: Goodies for those dreaming of a White Walker Christmas

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Dec 18, 2017, 4:34 PM EST (Updated)

Unless you have the vision skills of Melisandre, it can be tricky finding that just-right gift for the Game of Thrones fan in your life. It is clearer than dragon glass what some people want (the Iron Throne, revenge, a gold hand, replacement dragon, etc.), while other times it feels like you know nothing.

Thankfully, like Santa and his elves – and Varys with his spiders – I’ve been keeping my eyes open, and online, for a range of GoT goodies, and at a variety of prices. So if you have a giftee who has been dreaming of a White Walker Christmas, read ahead for suggestions of T-shirts, artwork, swords, pet portraits -- and even beer so you can drink and know things about gifting.


Brewery Ommegang Game of Thrones Winter Is Here Gift Pack
Winter is here, and even the Night King needs a frosty beer to get through the season. The set, featuring the latest GoT/Ommegang collaboration – the  8.3% AVB Belgian-style double white ale in a 750ml bottle – also includes the previously released Fire and Blood Red Ale, and a commemorative glass. Of course, it’d be the merry thing for your gift recipient to pop it open and share with you!

Find it for $24 via Ommegang's Beer Finder


Game of Thrones Mormont Champagne Flute
At first you may associate the Lannisters with champagne, but this Mormont flute featuring the house of Bear Island sigil makes a lot of sense. For instance, your giftee can raise it in a toast to their fellow Night’s Watch co-workers, or even to a certain Mother of Dragons who will never love them in return. (Also comes in a wine glass, and with other house sigils.)

Get it for $16.99 at the HBO Store


Stormborn Concert Tee
If your gift getter thinks Game of Thrones is metal, this is the shirt for them. Inspired by classic concert tees, Ian Leino’s design imagines Daenerys as the Stormborn band, on their “Across the Narrow Sea” tour. Along with a wicked two-color dragon print, the tee’s back cleverly lists venue locations and dates for shows. It looks so legit that the uninitiated will mistake it for a real band. There’s also a design for another band, Direwolf, and their “Beyond the Wall” winter tour.

Get it for $20 from IanLeino.com


George R.R. Martin Deluxe Talking Plush
Next time your loved one watches an ep of Game of Thrones, why not give them the creator of the story to curl up with? The George R.R. Martin plush, dressed in the author’s signature fisherman’s cap and suspenders, speaks 10 Martin quotes to keep you company. While you’re at it, why not pretend he’s actually at a keyboard finishing the latest book, since the real deal is taking so long!

Get it for $30 at Factory Entertainment


Game of Thrones Mask: House Targaryen Dragon Mask
“Fire and Blood.” And paper! The Targaryen house motto deserves that addition, considering how cool this 3-D paper mask is. Along with some necessary background on the dragon house, the push-out mask (assembly required) also includes a wall mount – for when your giftee is not wearing, which they will do.

Get it for $25 at Amazon


Tormund "Gingers Are Beautiful" Mug
Obviously this is a great mug for the redhead in your life, but it’ll also be a hit for all the Tormund/Brienne shippers out there (read: all of us!). The quote from Mr. Giantsbane of the North -- framing a silhouette of his big ol' face -- might even add some fire to your gifted’s morning cup.

Get it for $15 at HBO Store


Drogo Dragon Jumbo Plush
Imagine the delight on your giftee’s face when you present them with their own dragon! And it’s Drogon, no less. And while it's slightly smaller than Daenerys’ full-size child, it’s an impressive 16” tall, 42” long, and fully poseable for re-enacting the scorching of armies.

Get it for $60 at Factory Entertainment


Arya Stark of Winterfell Portrait
A girl has no name, but she has some sweet wall art. The print by EastwoodBros of London (who also have portraits of Sansa, Dany, and Melisandre) is at once haunting, menacing, and the stuff of inspirational posters -- if you want to be inspired to bump off people on your list!

Get it for $76 at Etsy


Red Keep Relief Sculpture
The Red Keep was constructed as the seat of the of the Iron Throne during the reign of Maegor Targaryen, and it is a defining feature of King’s Landing – as well as of the show itself. Designers of this heavyweight polyresin sculpture with bronze effect worked closely with HBO to make this meticulous piece of craftsmanship. Hang it on the wall and remember the days of dragons (and cruel kings).

Get it for $105 from Walmart



There’s enough murder and mystery surrounding Game of Thrones that there’s not only one edition of Clue, but an expansion pack to continue the killing. Whether it’s done with a crossbow or ax (or poison, or dagger, or sword, or …) players can solve the murders in Mereen or the Red Keep. The expansion includes new characters, power cards, and gold-finished weapons.

Get it for $70 at USAopoly


Pet portrait
Our pets already rule the kingdom known as your house, so might as well acknowledge it and create a visual reminder of Sir Bentley’s reign. This digital painting reimagines pups and cats as Tyrion, Daenerys, or Jon Snow (and multiple pets can also be rendered). Get it for your pet, your loved one, yourself -- or even for me. You can call it kitschy, or quirky, but I call it art.

Get it for $70 at Etsy


Game of Thrones Delicate Breaking Chains Bracelet
Bring some Khaleesi chic into your loved one’s life with this scaled-down reproduction of Daenerys’ Mother Of Dragons Chain. The sterling silver dragon spine links are sleek and stylish, with a hoop and clasp design. It is subtle enough to wear all the time, while signaling that the wearer is not to be trifled with.

Get it for $420 at HBO Store


Game of Thrones Stark Fountain Pen – Medium
Look, if you are going to send a strongly worded scroll via raven declaring war, a cheapo pen simply will not do. Instead, you need something with class, such as Montegrappa’s silvery-white, winter-themed instrument accented in palladium. Along with a direwolf head forming the pocket clip, the cap design evokes Nordic runes.

Get it for $350 at HBO Store


Ultimate Game of Thrones Northern Ireland Tour
Winterfell, Dorne, Riverrun: Bring the world of Game of Thrones to life (you know, without bloodshed) by exploring the show’s Northern Ireland filming locations. Available as one- or two-day tours, the excursion not only allows superfans the chance to see Westeros and Essos in person, but also shows off the splendor of the country and its Celtic history. And props are provided for photo ops. Props, I say!

Book it for between approximately $490-$980 at Game of Thrones Tours


Oathkeeper Sword Replica
Brienne of Tarth: She’s highborn, honorable, and one of the most formidable warriors in Game of Thrones. She also carries one hell of a sword (made of Valyrian steel and from Eddard Stark’s melted sword, Ice) – and it can be in the possession of your most honorable loved one. The officially licensed stainless steel prop replica comes with a certificate of authenticity, and a lot of attitude.

Get it for $270 at Valyrian Steel


Tyrion Hand Puppet
Say it: “I drink and I know things.” Now, say it with panache in the form of a handmade, lovingly crafted Tyrion Lannister hand puppet. Bearing a likeness to Peter Dinklage, this unique piece is a little creepy (like all dolls) but also feels authentic, as if it comes directly from the world of Thrones.

Get it for $300 at Etsy


Season 5 Signed Poster Display
If you know nothing of spending limits, spring for this framed set of autographs from GoT Season 5’s cast. It’s an excellent presentation for collectors, and comes with all the necessary authentication. It’s a good bet your gifted will thank you for it. Also perfect for Secret Santa trades!
Get it for $2,227 for Hollywood Memorabilia


Game of Thrones Mormont Champagne Flute

Game of Thrones Mormont Champagne Flute
At first you may associate the Lannisters with champagne, but this Mormont flute featuring the house of Bear Island sigil makes a lot of sense. For instance, your giftee can raise it in a toast to their fellow Night’s Watch co-workers, or even to a certain Mother of Dragons who will never love them in return. (Also comes in a wine glass, and with other house sigils).

Get it for $16.99 at the HBO Store