2017 Gift Guide: Heroic gifts for comic book readers

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Dec 6, 2017, 6:36 PM EST (Updated)

Tis the season of gift-giving and one of the tougher people to buy gifts for are comics readers. Why? Well, they usually get what they want or need on a weekly basis at their local comic shop, and unless you're friendly with their favorite clerk behind the counter, it's hard to know what they have already, what's in their pull box, and what's on their wish list.

But rest assured, comic readers always want something more β€” and there's usually something special beyond their means. These are gifts that will excite a nerd of every age, every level and every price point. You may not be a comics reader yourself but with our Holiday Gift Guide for the comics reader, you don't need to be an expert to buy the right gift.


Chia Pet Groot

Asking a comic book reader to take care of plant life might be asking for a lot, but this is a Chia Pet, folks. It just doesn't take much work, and look at this glorious Chia mold. It's Groot! And that's not the only comics Chia: there's a Hulk Chia, a Zombie Hand Chia and a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Chia.

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BCW Hellboy Short Comic Boxes

Most comic readers try to make their dollar stretch and rarely spoil themselves above and beyond the basics, because more money saved can go to more comics. Comic supplies like resealable bags, boards, and boxes are all essentials that can easily break the bank when you have comics to budget for each week, so these kinds of supplies are always appreciated and heavily used.

BCW's printed comic boxes are as nice as it gets, short of a drawer comic box. BCW has a dozen or so designs, but there are two that have licensed Mike Mignola Hellboy art wrapping the box, giving it an eye-popping appearance that won't yellow over time like those boring, drab white boxes. They retail for $14, but the more you buy from BCW, the bigger the discount. So help that lovable comic reader in your life feel spoiled, get more organized and add more color to their closet.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Doormat

Let the comic geek in your life put their passion on display for neighbors and the UPS guy. The soundtrack to both Guardians of the Galaxy films were awesome and hey, life's too short to have a boring welcome mat that looks like a bunch of pebbles or birds.

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Wonder Woman Clutch Purse

There's no superhero that got more buzz than Wonder Woman this year, and deservedly so. While her costume isn't always something you'd wear to the office, this clutch purse is right for all occasions. It's got a fun two-sided design and holds up to 12 cards, a cell phone and whatever evening essentials you need on a night out.

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Clear out their pull box

This requires going to your favorite comic reader's local shop and seeing what outstanding comics have been piling up. The weekly habit of comics is an expensive one, so on any given week, the average comic reader is out $20 to $40, easy. That means their unclaimed pull box could reach $100 or more. Settle their tab and your loved one will be surprised the next time he or she walks in on a Wednesday.


Saga Book Two Deluxe Edition

There was a point in time when I stopped picking up Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples on a regular basis, waiting instead for these giant Deluxe Editions. They're oversized, hard-bound, and have a bunch of extras thrown in there. This is the preferred way to peruse Staples' eye-popping art. It's painful waiting this long, but know that we're only another half-year away from Saga Book Three. Saga Book Two covers issues #19-36 with Hazel growing up fast and dealing with her parents caught in the middle of an intergalactic war with no end in sight.

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Avatar: The Last Airbender North and South Hardcover

As with Saga, there is no good reason to pick up the separate installments of the well-written Avatar: The Last Airbender comics by Gene Luen Yang. They are excellent reads for all ages and keep the flame of the cartoon alive, nearly a decade after it went off the air. These hardcovers are three to four times the size of the digest-sized installments and they're price comparable at just $26. The latest collection, North and South, just came out this past fall and needs to be on as many family bookshelves as possible.

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Batman: The Animated Series Harley Quinn 25th Anniversary Statue

While Harley Quinn and Batman are always undergoing changes in appearances and styles, their Batman: The Animated Series looks are timeless. If your comic reader loves Batman and Harley, then this 25th Anniversary statue needs to join their collection. It's the first Deluxe DC Gallery PVC Diorama and measures nearly 10 inches and is painted in full color. You can still pre-order and have it in time for the holidays as this will ship in mid-December.

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year One Deluxe Edition

I've always thought the aesthetic of Tokusatsu (Japanese live action/drama) style of TV a little cheesy for my taste, which is why I never gravitated to Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but all of that is taken away when it’s done in comic book form. The Boom! Comics release of Mighty Morphin has been a godsend, with terrific writing by Kyle Higgins and awesome art by Daniel Bayliss. This massive 500-page deluxe hardcover collects the first 13 issues and contains a foreword by Jason David Frank, the complete "Ongoing Adventures of Bulk & Skull" story, character designs, and a massive cover gallery.

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Thor Hammer Tool Kit

We're always amused by how much geeks are squeezed out of their money and this is a great example. This Mjolnir Tool Kit comes with a carpenter's hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, tape measure, level, wrench and ratchet kit. One could probably buy better tools with even more essentials for half the price, but hey, this is all about having Mjolnir in your garage.

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Bernie Wrightson Artifact Edition

We've lost so many luminaries in the world of comics this year, and Bernie Wrightson belongs up there as one of the biggest. The silver lining is there are many ways to enjoy his art. The finest way is through a collaboration between IDW and DC Comics, who put together this beautiful tribute to Wrightson's early Swamp Thing work. It includes House of Secrets #92 (his first appearance) and Swamp Thing #1. See every one of Wrightson's pencil marks and ink strokes on some of his essential works, including covers, splash pages and three giant foldouts, scanned from the original pages as if they were laid out in front of you. There are two covers available, but the giant coffee table needed to support it is not included.

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Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Hal Foster's Prince Valiant

We gloss on and on about legendary artists like Jack Kirby, Charles M. Schulz, Gil Kane, Joe Kubert, and Carmine Infantino, but there's never enough said about Hal Foster, who adapted Edgar Rice Burroughs' Tarzan in 1928. Then, from 1937 to 1971, Foster created what would be his greatest work, a full-color weekly Sunday comic strip called Prince Valiant. It was a medieval adventure that spanned the Roman Empire to the High Middle Ages and featured some of the most beautiful comic art. It took Foster 50 hours a week to work on each tabloid-sized strip, which measured a whopping 26" x 34".

Fantagraphics has been in charge of reprinting Prince Valiant over the years and this past October they produced the quintessential way to collect Foster's art. In what will hopefully be the first of many, the Fantagraphics Studio Edition: Hal Foster's Prince Valiant collects many of Foster's pages of Prince Valiant scanned in high resolution and printed in a 192-page 17" x 23.2" hardcover. There's also an interview and a massive fold-out poster included, and it's all housed in a gorgeous die-cut box. This monster of a book is limited to just 1,500 copies and is reasonably priced between $130-175 right now, but it's going to skyrocket after it sells out. For as large as it is, it's still a third of what the originals were but I guarantee you, it will be one of the biggest and best books in anyone's collection.

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Hot Toys

Something that nearly every comic reader would love but may not have enough healthy organs to barter is a collectible figure from the Hot Toys 1/6th Scale Movie Masterpiece collection. The sculpts are out of this world. The only problem with Hot Toys is that the most current ones won't see release for several months, but the sooner you can get the pre-order in, the better. They may not be ready to sit under the tree, but for the comics geek, these are the equivalent to buying a Lexus and putting a giant red bow on the roof.

Among some of the best that can be ordered right now are the Gal Gadot Wonder Woman figure, the Cate Blanchett Hela figure, the Chris Hemsworth Gladiator Thor Ragnarok, Batman Futura, and Darth Vader.

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Logan Hollowell Thor: Ragnarok Jewelry

It may not be the Infinity Gauntlet, but the Logan Hollowell Marvel Thor: Ragnarok Jewelry Collection will make you feel Hela divine with a variety of pieces. The collection includes a Loki Horn Cuff, Valkyrie Sword Pendants with Diamonds, and a Hela Green Agate Constellation Ring, because there's no reason why nerd jewelry can't be classy.

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Hug Chairs

In the land of the ludicrous, picture one of these Marvel Massage Chairs as the centerpiece of a library or man cave. Each of these pampered plush synthetic leather thrones can accommodate heights up to 6’7” and up to 220 pounds and can massage your head, neck, back and buttocks, with heating temperatures up to 140 degrees.

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Digital Comics Discounts

Don't think we forgot about those who read their comics on their tablet, phone or desktop computer. There are plenty of sales going on, and you can score on big discounts off of classic collections. Prices will vary and change on a daily basis, but here are some of the biggest sales we found on some recommended reads.

Comics on Google Play Sales

Wonder Woman: The True Amazon by Jill Thompson 40% OFF $13.79

Daredevil #16-81 by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev Ultimate Ed. 41-46% OFF 3 volumes $14.74-$16.19

Superman: Red Son by Mark Millar and Dave Johnson 45% OFF $9.99

Challengers of the Unknown by Jack Kirby 46% OFF $16.19

Mister Miracle by Jack Kirby 46% OFF $16.19

Batman: The Complete Hush 70% OFF $6.99

Batman: The Long Halloween 70% OFF $6.99

comiXology Sales

Punisher Marvel Max collections 60-70% OFF ends 12/11/17

Boom! Studios (kaboom!) Cartoon Network Comics Sale (Adventure Time, Over the Garden Wall, Clarence, Gumball, Regular Show, Steven Universe) 50% OFF ends 12/14/17

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Sale 50% OFF single issues and collections ends 12/15/17