2017 Gift Guide: Presents for geeky parents

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Dec 12, 2017, 4:33 PM EST (Updated)

When you're going over your holiday gift list and checking it twice, make sure to pay extra attention to the geeky parents you know. This is the time of year where moms and dads should be rewarded for their selfless efforts at nurturing the next generation of pop culture enthusiasts.

(Also, those of us with children have very little money to spend on ourselves, because kids ain't cheap, y'all.)

Whether it's snazzy sleepwear, slick beverage containers, or even a toolset made for an immortal, here are some great gift ideas for the nerdy parent who's still a child at heart. And once you're done shopping for geeky parents, check out the rest of our 2017 gift guides and take care of everyone else on your list.


Game Of Thrones Stark Sigil Cake Pan

If you're like us and marking the days on your calendar until the final season of Game of Thrones (we have to wait until 2019?!?!?), perhaps you need a sweet distraction. This silicone cake mold in the shape of the House Stark's Direwolf sigil lets you prepare the perfect holiday party treat. Because who doesn't like baked direwolf?

Get it for $14.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond


Retro Marvel Gym Bag

There is a price to be paid for all that finger food that parents snack on at one of the approximately 487 children's birthday parties they are forced to attend each year. This groovy retro Marvel gym bag is the perfect way to make regular trips to the gym a bit less traumatizing. Decked out with art from classic Marvel issues going all the way back to the Silver Age, this officially-licensed bag is big enough to carry everything you need for your workout. Bonus points for the adjustable shoulder strap and the divider inside, which will keep your sweaty gym clothes from stinking up whatever else you carry around. You know, like your crime-fighting costume.

Get it for $54.99 at


Marvel Thor Hammer Tool Set

"If this be our fate, so be it. But If I am to die, let it be with lightning and thunder... and one helluva tool kit!"

OK, so maybe that's not a direct quote from Thor, but one look at this incredible tool set and you'll see why we took creative license. It's a 44-piece tool kit contained in a molded case shaped just like the God of Thunder's beloved hammer, Mjolnir. it comes with everything you need for making repairs to your own personal Avengers Mansion -- including a hammer, 10-foot tape measure, ratchet wrench, even a utility knife. Is there a more ingenious tool set out there? I say thee NAY!

Get it at ThinkGeek for $99.99


Batgirl Fleece Pajamas Set

You know what any parent wants more than anything? A good night's sleep. These plush microfleece pajama pants, with the raglan top, are designed for maximum comfort on those winter nights. The officially licensed DC Comics product is perfect for the mom who may not fight crime like Batgirl, but is a superhero in her own right.

Pro Tip: Score bonus points by throwing in the cozy Bat-slippers in the gift box.

Get it for $34.99 on Amazon


Harry Potter Hogwarts Smoking Jacket

We've given you an idea to help Mom lounge around in comfort and style, now here's one for Dad. The Harry Potter Smoking Jacket is pure red velvet awesomeness. It has black satin cuffs, collar and ash, and the striped interior lining is a nice bonus. The Hogwarts crest on the left chest will make every Muggle green with envy. FYI, it's called a smoking jacket but it gets the job done for all kinds of lounging activities, from chip snacking to eating cereal straight out of the box because you're too lazy to pour it in a bowl.

Get it at Box Lunch for $69.93


The Original Stormtrooper Whiskey Glass

Based on the original molds for the Stormtrooper helmet designed by Andrew Ainsworth in 1976, this whiskey tumbler is the perfect vessel for five ounces of the beverage of your choice. Because at the end of a long day, the only thing better than two fingers of bourbon is two fingers of bourbon poured into a glass with a Stormtrooper helmet inside.

Get it for $16 at The Fowndry


Legend Of Zelda Cartridge Canteen

Whatever mad genius designed this item, a very refined and polite hand-clap to you, good person. The Zelda NES Cartridge Canteen -- with straw and rubber cap -- is for the discreet parent who doesn't want the nosy nancy sitting next to her at the ballet recital to know what she's sipping. It's officially licensed and designed just like the original NES gold cartridge. Remember, always imbibe responsibly. Even if you're sipping from a game cartridge flask.

Get it for $17.97 at GameStop


Doctor Who Tardis Mini Fridge

It doesn't travel through time and space, but the Tardis mini fridge does keep your six-pack nice and chill (Judging from this list, one would get the idea that geek parents certainly enjoy their adult beverages, don't they?). It also has a warming function to heat your food. And so you don't drive your family nuts, there is an on/off button for the sounds it makes when you open the fridge door.

Get it for $99.99 at Amazon


Simon Optix Game

Family game nights are a great bonding tool and also absurdly fun. But while classic board games are always a good choice, it's also smart to embrace new games out there that might resonate strongly with your kids. Hasbro's Simon Optix game takes the classic Simon game concept and modernizes it with wearable technology. You put on the headset, watch the lights, try to remember the colors you see, and repeat the pattern by moving your hands in the correct order. You'll need additional headsets to play with the family. Best for kids 8 and up.

Get it for $19.82 at Walmart


Jack Kirby Fourth World Omnibus

Nothing says the holidays like a ten-pound behemoth of a book featuring the wildest, most epic and maddeningly ambitious comic book saga of all time. DC's recent release of Jack Kirby's opus should be mandatory reading for any comics fans. It's the first time the Fourth World has been reprinted in a single volume. This much Kirby crackle in one book should be illegal, but it's not. So buy it, wrap it up, and let mom or dad enjoy the hell out of it.

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