2017's Chosen One of the Year: Taika Waititi

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Dec 30, 2017, 3:18 PM EST (Updated)

As we've compiled all of our Best Of lists for 2017, we've taken careful consideration for the year that was and all the truly good and wonderful things that occurred within. We've looked back and thought and really worked on ensuring we created comprehensive lists, poring over the moments, the films, the people and meticulously selecting our very favorites.

But for this one? No such effort was required. It's Taika. It was always going to be Taika. We're not here to pretend that was anything but a foregone conclusion from the very jump or make you wade through a list of runners-up as though it would be a surprise to anyone. It's Taika. It could only be Taika. And not that you need any, but here are just a few reasons why there was only one real option for the SYFY Fangrrls Chosen One of the Year.


His killer fashion sense

We didn’t realize what we were missing, fashion-wise, until Taika Waititi first started showing up on red carpets to promote Thor: Ragnarok. From the pineapple romphim he wore at San Diego Comic-Con (which technically isn’t a romphim but rather, separates) to the “I’m Tired” jacket he donned for the Tumblr photoshoot (which was promptly resurrected by the manufacturer for a limited time and then sold out again), Taika is the fashion-inclined creative mind that we’ve all been waiting for. (Even his unmentionables are worth mentioning.) At this point, we’re hoping that Taika’s creative output continues to soar for the sole purpose of needing to know what he’ll step out in next.

His friendship with Jeff Goldblum

The Thor: Ragnarok press tour gave us a bevy of GIF-able gems, but none were quite as memorable as the Marvel UK livestream that saw Taika sitting down for a Q&A with one of Team Fangrrls’ favorite actors, Jeff Goldblum. That set must have been the beginning of a beautiful friendship, because not only did that interview demonstrate that the two men clearly operate on the same right-brained wavelength, it gave us the burning desire to see them collaborate on another project in the very near future. Give the people what they want, and what they want is two grown men who aren’t afraid to demonstrate their spooning technique on one another. Taika/Jeff: We ship it all kinds of ways.

His no-effs-given approach to social media

Other directors try to keep it profesh. Not our Taika. From the meager yet elegant contents of his fridge to becostumed jam sessions to the perils of nature, Taika gives fans what they really want: him. Not a manufactured image, not a sanitized opinion-free blockbuster vessel, and certainly not an otherwise silent promotion machine. He's a self-deprecating, self-celebrating social media gem who gives us fish fingers, celebrations of his cast, and attention to causes that matter to him. The site can certainly be a real bummer, but as far as we're concerned, Taika keeps Twitter worth having. 


I mean, look at him

Funny, talented, accessible AND a total fox? Don't mind if we do. 

We choose you as our Chosen One for 2017, Taika Waititi. You made this year a little brighter, a lot funnier, and gloriously pineappley. 

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