2018 FANGRRLS Gift Guide

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Dec 10, 2018, 4:00 PM EST

The holidays are upon us, and that means, love, friendship, togetherness, family, and mass consumerism. Mostly that last bit, tbh. And frankly, we're not complaining. There's just so much good stuff out there, and some of the very best stuff is a geek girl's dream come true.

We've put together a list of presents to buy the lady nerd in your life (that includes you, obviously — treat yo'self). From home robots to shiny baubles, from totally affordable to splurge-worthy, this gift guide proves it's the most wonderful time of the year to be a fangrrl. 

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Overwatch D.Va Bunny Robe

Show the world you play to win with this adorable Overwatch robe, based on the amazing D.Va! The plush bathrobe is based on D.Va's iconic bunny logo, complete with cute floppy ears for the hood and pink accents all over the sleeves and pockets. The inside of the hood is a deep D.Va pink, and her name and rabbit logo are embroidered on the left chest area. Curl up after a nice hot shower with this cuddly garment for a few rounds of Overwatch, but don't let its comfort distract you from keeping your eyes (and bullets) on the payload. - Brittany Vincent


Hero Forge custom game mini

Minis can be an essential ingredient towards stepping up your tabletop roleplaying games, but there’s only so much you can do with the pre-made packs you’ll find hanging on the peg hooks at your friendly local game store. If you’ve got a gamer girl in your life who just hasn’t been satisfied with any of the options for her half-elf sorcerer or her tiefling bard, you can customize her a mini designed specifically after her character. Hero Forge can make her mini in plastic or metal to best fit your budget, or you could always buy her a gift card and let her play with all the customization options herself. Plus painting minis can be a fun and chill activity in and of itself, so bonus post-holiday hang sesh built right in. - Riley Silverman


Saga, Volumes 1-9

Know a grown-up who's finally getting into comics? Give them the gift of Saga. This acclaimed sci-fi series takes readers on a universe-trekking adventure or war, romance, and family. Writer Brian K. Vaughan has crafted complicated characters, who are gloriously and gruesomely depicted illustrator Fiona Staples. With the series on an indefinite hiatus, now is the perfect time to catch up and spread the word on one of the greatest comics of the 21st century. Its content is mature in visuals, language, and themes. So, it might not be right for the little fangrrls on your list. But those who hunger for adventure, drama, and a cackle-inducing dark humor, will thank you for introducing them to this rapturous and wild world filled with elitist robots, wise-cracking ghouls, and starcrossed alien lovers. - Kristy Puchko


The Doctor's New Years' Special scarf from Paul Smith

Hunting down the random bits of clothing that characters on our favorite shows wear is sort of a FANGRRL's thing. So when Jodie Whittaker appeared in promo photos for the upcoming holiday special wearing this vibrant rainbow scarf, suddenly the mad hunt to snag that scarf began. There was just one problem: it wasn't available anymore. Due to the nature of TV production schedules, the scarf was from last winter's collection. With the exception of a few random outlet shops across the UK and more than a few dicey warehouse websites, it seemed this fetching neckwrap couldn't be fetched. Luckily regeneration is sort of the Doctor's thing, and due to the rampant demand from legions of fangirls wanting to play Doctor, Paul Smith has re-released the scarf back to their main collection. The sticker price may cause you to regenerate too, but with a chilly winter on the way, this cozy bit of cosplay will certainly come in handy. Or necky. Or whatever. - Riley Silverman


Southside Serpents jacket

I am too old to watch Riverdale, and I am too old to shop at Hot Topic. I do not care. I still want to act like a total dork and purchase a Southside Serpents leather jacket. Jughead is my spirit animal and Cheryl is so delightfully obnoxious and awesome that you have to love her. Who cares if it’s a soap opera in a comic book disguise? I’m putting this on and when I get weird comments, I’ll push my glasses back up my nose and continue my game of Griffins & Gargoyles. Retails for $84.90 at Hot Topic. - Jenna Busch


Munchkin Rick and Morty Game

There's a lot of Rick and Morty games out there, and as fan, I've been subjected to many. Some are fun! Some are a mess of half-asses merchandizing. This one is a blast, and must-have for fans who love a good board game night. Based on the pre-existing Munchkin game, its rules actually make sense. Though involved, they are pretty easy to pick up on the first round of play. But best of all, every card is plastered with outrageous references to this positively bonkers sci-fi comedy series. You get to play as a member of the Smith family, each with their own special advantage. You can pick up allies like Unity, Snuffles, or Water T! You arm yourself for battles against monsters like Mrs. Refridgerator or Krombopulos Michael with gear like the Purge suit, the portal gun, or Squanchy's tooth! And perhaps best of all, playing this game might make the wait until season four go by a bit faster! - Kristy Puchko


Kraken Dice

Any hardcore gamer knows that eventually those basic plastic dice just aren’t going to roll true. Characters and games may come and go, but a solid set of dice with some heft to the roll will last you throughout your many campaigns. Kraken Dice has a huge selection of heavy-duty, house-crafted gaming dice sets made out of resin, metals, even semi-precious gemstones. Kraken’s limited edition dice sets have huge demands and sell out fast, often never to return, making them a perfect gift for that gamer girl who wants to bring just a bit more personality to the table. - Riley Silverman


Her Universe's Captain Marvel jacket

By the time Captain Marvel comes out next year, all the good stuff is going to be sold out. Heck, the Her Universe Captain Marvel jacket is out in a number of sizes already, but you can still get some of them. Her Universe is known for being one of the first companies to make geek clothes for women. It’s like they knew we actually had money to spend or something! The Captain Marvel jacket comes in XS through 3X and retails on the website for $79.90. Now, if it only came with a stuffed Chewie cat. - Jenna Busch


Daenerys Targaryen's jewelry

For jewelry gifts that are on the splurge end of the scale (no pun intended), Yunus & Eliza have a range of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) items, some of which are replicas of pieces worn in Game of Thrones. These include a dragon choker to spruce up the fanciest of gowns, as well as the body chain that Daenerys wore for most of Season 7. For something that doesn’t cost more than $3000 and is more everyday wearable, Yunus & Eliza has a dragon pendant clocking in at under $150. - Emma Fraser


Harry Potter Great Hall bed

Pottery Barn Teen has a whole line of Harry Potter stuff (more like Harry Pottery Barn, amirite? Anyone? Is this thing on?) and when I asked someone at the store about it, they said it was mostly adults who ended up buying the stuff. If you know someone with a lot of Galleons who really wants to buy you your dream holiday gift, direct them to the Harry Potter Great Hall bed. It does come in Queen, so you aren’t going to have to make your significant other sleep on the floor. Come on, you know you’d do that to get this thing. The headboard is inspired by the Great Hall doors. It’s $1,649 for the Queen-sized bed, but we’re sure that’s not too bad when translated into Galleons. - Jenna Busch


The Steven Universe Volume 1 soundtrack on vinyl

The ultimate gift for the Steven Universe fan in your life is this opulent collector's edition of the show's soundtrack. Not only does it include a wealth of wonderful songs like "Giant Woman," "Stronger Than You," "It's Over Isn't It" and "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart," but also this 37-track volume comes carved into four beautiful records, each modeled after a Crystal Gem's color and stone! Since the soundtrack came out last year, many fans have already scooped up digital copies they could play on their phones anytime they needed a Steven-style pick-me-up. But this version isn't just for listening, it's for reveling and display! It's a work of art, its cover vibrant with images of the temple, and Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Steven dashing to save the day! And it's sure to be treasured by the jam bud in your life. - Kristy Puchko


Vector, The Good Robot

Yes, when the singularity hits, we’re all doomed. Just listen to the A.I. episode of the podcast “The End of the World with Josh Clark.” It’s terrifying. I just want my robots to be adorable and sweet like Vector, The Good Robot. He recognizes you and he’s nice. It’s what all the marketing says, and this time around, I want to believe it. He can even find his own charger and he works with Alexa. Here’s the plan: We all get Vector and treat him like gold. Then, when the bad robots come for us all, maybe he’ll put in a good word? He’s $199.99 right now, and isn’t that a small price to pay for good standing, post-apocalypse? - Jenna Busch


Sideshow’s Spider-Gwen

Sideshow’s Spider-Gwen statue is one of those big ticket items that your geeky little heart wants, but that you probably can’t afford. Maybe you can get your friends to chip in for you? The statue shows our Gwen Stacey in her Spider-Woman outfit, perched atop the street sign at the corder of W. 47th St. and Broadway. She’s got her backpack on because that outfit clearly has no pockets. There are only 750 of the first statue in the Mark Brooks Spider-Verse Collection, and it retails for $425. Maybe just look at the pictures and drool? - Jenna Busch


Tessa Thompson's entire Sorry to Bother You look

Tessa Thompson as Detroit in Sorry to Bother You is one the most stylish characters of 2018, from her “The Future is Female Ejaculation” tee to bold statement earrings. And you can own both! The T-shirt is from feminist brand Otherwild, and the earrings come in two options at the official Sorry to Bother You shop. Both retail at under $40 so you won’t have to become a Power Caller to pay for them. - Emma Fraser