20 (very amusing) tweets from the Death Star

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Topless Robot is having a contest to see who can come up with the best tweets from the Death Star, and it's more than worth five minutes of your time to read through the submissions. We've picked out 20 of the best below, but there are dozens more.

@Clone7323: @Clone6323 I'm telling you, they looked really similar. They weren't bf/gf. They could have been brother sister for all we know.

@Motti: And they all just sat there. The f*cking guy is choking me with his f*cking mind, and they do NOTHING!!!!

@TK421: Nocked out, yelld at 4 not @ post, and lost uniform to boot. ASSigned 2 garding cell blok 1138. Could this day get ANY worse? FML

@BigPapaPalpintine You sure you don't want to to order a thermal exaust post cover? They are like 20 credit

@Randall: @Dante I told you working here was a bad idea
@Dante: @Randall I'm not even supposed to be here today!

@Clone9376 @Clone7245 You think your job sucks? Big green laser breezes past me and I don't even have a rail to lean against.

@Mark Hamill: The moon is so beautiful tonight
@Alec Guinness: @Mark Hamill That's no moon, it's a space station.

@Gold_5 RT @Gold_5 hey @GoldLeader maybe you should STAY ON TARGET

@CorrellianPimp: I can't believe they bought that. 12 parsecs? Might as well have been 573 wookiemiles. 9384 jawameters. Effing N00bs.

@Master_P: @YoungJedi - you want this? Hmm? Gonna strike me down? Hmm? Use your hate? Hmm? So cute when they're young. #shitmyapprenticesays

RebelAgent1: Boooored in my prison cell. Death Star food sucks. Pretty bummed Leia's gone. Hopeful our comrades will rescue me soon!

@R2D2DaShizit: Why do these MFer's not understand I am telling them Vader is their F'ing DAD! Beep wooo Beep Beep Wooo MFer's!!!!

UFettUrAss: Slave 1 in pursuit of Milennium Falcon, OMG HATE YOU SO MUCH SOLO #followfriday

@LonelyGunner15: It's like no one gets me. But at the same time, everyone IS me. #Confused

@Clone1579: Someone explain why WE don't get laser swords! I mean wtf?


WaxOnWaxMoff: Terrorist attack a government structure, and WE'RE the bad guys?! #NVR4GET

@Dianoga: You know what would be great? If you guys threw something other than random scraps of metal down here.

@DeathStarPR: Don't think of us as a "Death" Star, think of us as an "Opportunity" Star. #deathstarcares

StormTrooper3482: I'm supposed to guarding the exhaust, but I'm on Twitter, LOL!