21 classic sci-fi scenes performed by typography

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

"I am your father." You've probably lost count of how many times you've seen Darth Vader say that in Star Wars, right? And how about that moment in Star Trek: First Contact when Picard declares, "The line must be drawn here! This far, no further!" Both of these scenes have been seared into our memories.

But we've never seen either of them quite like this.

Some awesome video artists have been using kinetic typography—which simply means moving text—to re-create these and other classic sci-fi, fantasy and horror movie moments in a way that has to be seen to be believed.

Check them out below and you'll see what we mean!

Star Wars

via AdamBrownDesign

Iron Man

via Uatea

The Matrix

via madfusion15

The Dark Knight

via BlackLionFilms

Pirates of the Caribbean

via ArikaGrangerMalfoy

V for Vendetta

via chrissilich

Back to the Future

via spikeyizzy


via Pellitory

Twelve Monkeys

via UncleGrandfathr


via MahdiFarGai


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via farmerjak77

The Prestige

via YWAMholmsted

Star Trek: First Contact

via TimeBombTown

War of the Worlds

via jrs9486

Army of Darkness

via AUSGAZ85

The Fifth Element

via LilElfGirl

Lord of the Rings

via LesPaulStandard989

Shaun of the Dead

via OnePumpChump

Sin City

via Sfffen

Devil's Advocate

via sharonitt

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