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21 sci-fi weapon replicas you can add to a friend's arsenal this holiday

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:21 AM EDT (Updated)

Sometimes the best way to experience your favorite sci-fi franchise is by holding a weapon in your hand.

Hold on a minute, though, we're not talking about actually stunning your buddy with a phaser or decapitating someone with a lightsaber. No, we're only talking about replica weapons, which allow you to hold a piece of your favorite sci-fi stories in your hand and play hero while (hopefully) not hurting anyone.

The world of sci-fi weapon replicas is a truly wonderful place, filled not only with faithful re-creations but also with items you couldn't possibly purchase in real life if they hadn't appeared in a film or TV series first. Think about it: What are the odds that you'll be able to buy a real gun from Mass Effect at your local department store in the near future?

So for the latest installment in our series of holiday gift guides, we assembled nearly two dozen awesome sci-fi weapon replicas for your shopping pleasure, some so new that they won't even be released until after Christmas (but hey, tell your loved one how awesome their future gift is on the Big Day, and they won't mind a little bit of a wait).

Check out our gallery below, and arm yourself for the best holiday season ever.