21 great sci-fi movies and TV workplaces for a geek to get a job

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Dec 14, 2012

The economy's in the dumps, with unemployment at the highest levels in recent memory. So where's a geek going to find a job? While the politicians attempt to sort out how to fix things, we figured we'd point you in the direction of some major companies that might just be looking to hire.

Blue Sun Corporation, Firefly/Serenity

One of the major corporations in the 'Verse, Blue Sun has its hands in just about every cookie jar that there is, from regular foodstuffs to intersolar transportation. It's a big organization that covers a lot of ground. While there are possible dubious links between it and the Alliance, it's a company that has a real need for a very large workforce.

Bromley Marks, Daybreakers

With vampirism rampant, the biotechnical firm Bromley Marks is a company that doesn't quite save lives, but it comes as close as possible for a large and growing vampire population, looking at ways to preserve the remaining human population for real, organic blood, but the vital substitutes that will keep the population fed. As the blood crisis gets worse, they're going to need skilled workers in genetics and people—vampires—skilled in human research. They're also always looking for blood donors, any type.

Buy More, Chuck

With the holiday shopping season upon us, Buy More and its Nerd Herd tech group will be looking for seasonal employees to meet the rush. Selling everything from movies to high-end televisions, Buy More allows you to save more when you buy more, allowing consumers to buy even more while they save even more. Knowledge of the latest gadgets is essential for the Green Shirt and Nerd Herd associates.

Buy n Large, Wall*E

Everybody shops at Buy n Large: There's nowhere else to get anything. While it's singlehandedly responsible for maintaining and promoting a massive consumer society (with attempts to help clean up the results), Buy n Large is everywhere on and off of the planet, and help is needed with quite literally everything, from production to garbage disposal, ship captains to checkout clerks. Buy n Large is the place for everything, including a steady paycheck.

Cyberdyne, Terminator Franchise

If robotics is more up your alley, Cyberdyne is leading the way in advanced robotics and computing. There's little explanation for the vast leaps in the technology that the company has been producing, but expert help in advanced computer engineering are required to bring the company into the future. If job security is a worry, check out competitors such as ZeiraCorp.

Dharma Initiative, LOST

The Dharma Initiative is looking for expertise in a number of different fields, from advanced physics to prenatal research and care, in addition to skilled labor and security for its facilities in the South Pacific. Some travel between the company's headquarters in Ann Arbor and the Pacific might be required, but benefits are excellent in a tropical workplace!


It's the tale of many technology firms: Started in a garage in the 1970s, ENCOM has grown into one of the leading corporations in the world. With diverse offerings in gaming and artificial intelligence research and development, ENCOM is in constant need of programming and computer experts. Over the past 30 years, the company has become one of the largest in the world, branching into merchandising and other ventures. The disappearance of CEO Kevin Flynn in 1989 has done little to hamper the company's growth, which has flourished under his successor, Alan Bradley.

Graystone Industries, Caprica

Graystone Industries is one of the leading technology firms on Caprica and the 12 colonies, propelled by the popularity of its holoband products and its military contracts. Led by founder Daniel Graystone, the company is poised for an explosive future and is in need of skilled manufacturing and engineering individuals to keep pace with growth.

Lunar Industries, Moon

Where are we now? The company that has literally saved the world from ecological and economic collapse, Lunar Industries has worked tirelessly to improve life on Earth. Helium-3, mined from the far side of the moon, has allowed for the same level of societal comfort that we've grown accustomed to: The power of the moon holds the power of our future. There are limited openings available for positions offworld. Communications specialists are encouraged to apply.

Massive Dynamic, Fringe

A major player in the technology field, Massive Dynamic has long been a leader in the science and technology research and development fields. With private and military contracts that have changed the world, William Bell's company has change the way we think about computing, biotechnical research and artificial limbs. Located in New York City, the company is in constant need of skilled scientists and engineers to continue the groundbreaking research that has shaped our world.

Morrow-Fischer Energy Conglomerate, Inception

The world's largest player of the energy market across the world, Morrow-Fischer is a worldwide empire that has successfully edged out its competitors and grown under founder Maurice Fischer. With his death, there are have been rumors that the Conglomeration will be headed in new directions under heir Robert Fischer, and experts in international business, law, engineering and finance would do well to look this way as Morrow-Fischer launches itself into the future.

MultiNational United (MNU), District 9

With the landing of the Prawn alien ship over South Africa, MultiNational United (MNU) has made a name for itself in human/alien relations and private security. As political and social tensions rise along with the alien population, MNU stands ready to protect the Prawns and citizens of Johannesburg while providing the visitors with a place to stay, and has proven itself one of the leading places to study alien technology and biology, as well Human-Prawn relations.

Planet Express, Futurama

New New York's best, finest, quirky, most expendable package delivery group is always looking for skilled, expert, available, living employees to help finance owner Hubert Farnsworth's scientific work. Former employees have noted that the lax work environment and diverse workforce allow for a steady paycheck and a fascinating travel schedule, a situation better than unemployment.

Rossum Corporation, Dollhouse

A rising figure in the pharmaceutical and technology fields, the Rossum Corporation has a number of unique offerings among its workforce, with offerings for experts in neurobiology and advanced computer technology, in addition to volunteers willing to partake in certain testing trials. Private security personnel are also encouraged to apply. All applicants must be willing to sign a nondisclosure agreement and make a long-term commitment.

The Soylent Corporation, Soylent Green

The Soylent Corporation is a major supplier of processed foodstuffs to the world's population, with Soylents Red, Yellow and Green processed vegetable and plankton concentrates. In addition to food production, the company has a scientific research arm that primarily focuses on oceanic research and is a leading place to work. Remember, the Soylent Corporation is people: we want you to be one of ours! (There is also a vacancy on the board of directors.)

Stargate Command, Stargate SG-1, Stargate Universe

In the Cheyenne Mountain Complex in Colorado, the United States Air Force operates Stargate Command, which oversees interstellar exploration, scientific research and the defense of the entire planet. The program is quite literally out of this world when it comes to the possibilities afforded to scientists and military personnel alike. Frequent, long-distance travel is required.

Stark Industries, Iron Man/Iron Man II

One of America's leading defense contractors, Stark Industries leads the way for the country's defense in conflicts around the world. Under the direction of Tony Stark, the company has become a powerhouse in cutting-edge technologies that shape the world, with advances in energy and military hardware. American defense depends on the best, and they're looking for the best: you!

Tyrell Corporation, Blade Runner

Founded by Dr. Eldon Tyrell, the Tyrell Corporation is a leading biotechnical firm located in Los Angeles. Known for its "More Human Than Human" replicants, Tyrell has provided a safe source of labor for the most dangerous jobs offworld. Help provide the future of the offworld colonies with Tyrell!

Wayne Enterprises, Batman

A longtime holding of the Wayne family, Wayne Enterprises was taken public following the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne. With Bruce Wayne in charge of the company, he's rapidly expanded his holdings, while building an active research and development department, responsible for a number of advanced technologies, serving buyers overseas and at home. With numerous openings throughout the company, Wayne Enterprises is the best place in Gotham to start your job search.

Weyland-Yutani Corporation, Alien

"Building Better Worlds" is the proud motto of the Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Tasked with running human colonies outside of the solar system by the Extrasolar Colonization Administration, the Company is a large corporation that works with everything from interstellar mining to xenobiology to weapons research and development. A company whose reach spans planets, Weyland-Yutani has space for you as well.

Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension

Yoyodyne Propulsion Systems is a defense contractor that works in the aerospace industry, with numerous contracts with the United States Air Force for advanced aircraft designs. Interestingly, all employees share the same first name and birthdate. While allegations of the company's role as a shell company are currently unverifiable, Yoyodyne could be the place for you, especially if your name is John.

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