Walk into Mordor with 21 pics of amazing conceptual Nazgul armor

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Dec 16, 2012

Suits of armor: they don't make 'em like they used to. But the armorers of the past never built a full suit of multi-plated, sharp-edged, articulated armor like the Nazgul wore. To use a mixed metaphor, the Lord of the Rings enthusiasts of Kropserkal have gone where no armorers have gone before.

Armorers have had to create their own Nazgul designs, as the Nine Riders were mostly shrouded in black, with only their arms exposed, and yes, other armorers have built Lord of the Rings pieces for the legs, arms and hands. But the artisans at Kropserkal have conceived of and created an entire suit for the well-dressed ringwraith on the go. (Oh, and they do other reproductions as well.)

Did we say "suit?" Actually, just when you think it couldn't get more awesome, Kropseral-ers created not one but five.

Check out this this unbelievably awesome armor.