21 thrilling new Doctor Who S7 pics: Dinosaurs, daleks and more!

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Dec 17, 2012

The final days of the Ponds are upon us as the first half of Doctor Who's seventh season is finally gearing up to for our TV screens. (The rumor has Aug. 25 as the first episode's airdate.) In order to get us excited about the upcoming and heartbreaking new season, the BBC has released a massive gallery of pics.

The pictures cover the first three episodes of season seven: ''Asylum of the Daleks,'' ''Dinosaurs on a Spaceship''—which will introduce us to Rory's (Arthur Darville) dad, played by Mark Williams—and ''A Town Called Mercy''—which will feature Farscape and Stargate SG-1's awesome Ben Browder.

Where else but on Doctor Who can we have murderous flying space pepperpots (Daleks), dinosaurs on a spaceship, Queen Nefertiti and a spaghetti western with a killer cyborg play out in front of us in the span of just a few episodes?

(via BBC Doctor Who)