22 geeky, sexy and cool sci-fi-inspired tattoos

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Feb 12, 2020, 5:50 PM EST (Updated)

Quite frankly, no one loves pop culture the way sci-fi fans love pop culture. And the most committed of sci-fi fans will take that love to a whole new level: by commemorating that passion in ink. A couple of years back we showed you 25 sci-fi tattoos from Star Wars, Star Trek and more, but here are 22 additional tattoos to remind us just how unworthy we really are.

Seriously, I may be able to run through much of Raiders of the Lost Ark's dialogue from memory and be able to articulate the "Stick Theory of Rebel Victory" from Return of the Jedi—which, in a nutshell, stipulates that if Han Solo doesn't loudly stomp on that stick on the Endor surface, the Rebel Alliance gets their asses kicked—but looking at the sacrifice these fans endured makes me feel like a noob.

(Special thanks to PopCandy)