22 great last-minute sci-fi gifts that can still be delivered by Xmas

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Dec 23, 2013, 4:27 PM EST

 We're now T minus two days until Christmas. Is your shopping done?

Of course it isn't. We know you tried. You planned, you made lists, you clipped coupons, you stood in lines, and you still somehow came up slightly short of knocking out each and every gift you were supposed to buy on time. Or maybe your list just got longer at the last minute. Maybe a relative you never see is coming to the annual dinner. Or hey, maybe you're just feeling a little more generous as the big day approaches. Whatever your reason for needing to get just a little more holiday shopping done in a flash, fear not. We live in the age of online shopping, where gifts are little more than a click away, and if you know where to look, you don't even have to spend a fortune on overnight shipping.

These days, you can "give" someone just about any form of media -- including videogames, movies, comic books and novels -- through the World Wide Web, and it just so happens that digital gifts are the perfect save for last-minute holiday shoppers. This way you can buy the gift and it'll just show up in the recipient's email inbox, ready to use, or you can print out a little certificate and put it in a nice card. Or, if you're really feeling extravagant, do what my mother always did and wrap up a brick with a note tied around it letting them know what they got. The point is, your shopping is done, and you did it with minimal hassle.

So, for the final installment in our 2013 series of holiday gift guides, we gathered nearly two dozen ideas for completely digital gifts, from movies you can give via iTunes to comics you can give via Comixology to a particularly luxurious subscription service that lets you read thousands of Marvel comics anytime you want. Check out our suggestions in the gallery below, and get some stress-free shopping done.


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