22 great sci-fi series you can stream right now on Amazon Prime

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:31 AM EDT (Updated)

There are a few major streaming services out there, but all those complicated content deals mean your favorite sci-fi series might not be on the one you have. So what are some of the best sci-fi series you’ll find on Amazon Prime video?

Sure, Netflix might be the big dog in the fight (and have a solid sci-fi selection to boot), but Amazon is trying to take it on with its Prime video services. The service isn’t available on a monthly basis, but all that streaming is thrown in as part of the company’s $79 annual Prime membership, which includes automatic two-day shipping on just about anything.

But the big question for sci-fi fans is: What can I watch if I actually spring for the service? A pretty good bit, actually. Though Amazon doesn’t offer as much en masse as Netflix, it does have some different offerings — including some new and old sci-fi classics you can’t find elsewhere.

So while we wait to see how Amazon’s original video efforts go in the wake of that Zombieland pilot’s epic failure, here are 22 established shows you can find on the service.