22 wild and wicked werewolf comic-book covers

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Apr 29, 2019, 7:15 AM EDT (Updated)

As one of the classic denizens old-fashioned horror movies, it's hard to beat a sexy, slavering, shape-shifting werewolf. The imagery is iconic enough to cross media boundaries, as this carnal collection of comic-book covers can attest.  

With an insatiable appetite for raw meat and moonlight strolls, werewolves have haunted our Halloweens for more superstitious centuries than we can remember.  Silver bullets aside, these blood-lusting brutes are a fanged force to reckon with when the ethereal barriers between the living and the dead fall on All Hallows Eve.  From hair-pulling battles with Spider-Man, Batman, Captain America, Man-Bat and legions of crucifix-carrying priests, howling lycanthropes have graced the pulpy newsprint pages of comicdom for more than 65 years.  

So beware the lunar cycles and stay off the moors as you revel in this tail-wagging treasure of woolly werewolf covers from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Warren, Image and more.

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