23 epic new HD Wrath of the Titans pics: Gods, monsters and more!

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Dec 17, 2012

Warner Bros. just released a slew of brand-new HD stills from the upcoming Wrath of the Titans, and we just had to share them with you. Why? Well, beside the fact that they're new, they're also filled with epic mythological goodness (and intense family drama)!

Roughly 10 years after the events of Clash of the Titans, Perseus (Sam Worthington)—who only wants to live a quiet, normal life with his son Helius—is being drawn back again into the über-melodrama that is the life of a god (in his case, he's a demigod, but same difference, we guess) when his daddy Zeus (Liam Neeson), the king of all the Olympian gods, gets kidnapped (in a storyline worthy of any good drama or daytime soap opera) by his own little brother, the god of the underworld, Hades (Ralph Fiennes) and Zeus' other son Ares (Édgar Ramirez), the god of war. (What a tight and loving little family unit!)

What's a guy to do but try to save his own dad from the evil clutches of his uncle and half-bro? Annnd in the midst of all the wrath and fury, our Greek demigod hero Perseus also takes some time out to woo the Queen Andromeda, played by Rosamund Pike.

Wrath of the Titans also stars Toby Kebbell, Bill Nighy and Danny Huston. It'll hit theaters on March 30.

(Kino Gallery via Comic Book Movie)

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